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The Longevity World Summit

Free 30 Minute Consult

One would think that the subject of Longevity, life extension and quality of life, is something of a positive approach, and indeed it is. But I’ve found that many experts in this area are also keenly aware of the obstacles to healthy aging. Research into the areas of nutrition, exercise and vision therapy, have helped develop new standards for treatment, which include shifting the medical paradigm. Let's continue this conversation! Sign up for a free 30-minute consultation with me!
Michael Morgan

The Six Secrets to Profound Self-Love and Joyous Connection

In this eBook, discover a profound healing process. This small ebook, accessed through Dr. Margaret Paul's spiritual guidance, brings clarity to the process of healing the fears of intimacy - of rejection and engulfment - that stand in the way of fully loving. You will learn what it means to love yourself so that you can share your love with others.
Margaret Paul


Qigong for Beginners is a concise step-by-step video training course that gives you 9 Essential Energy Exercises to Heal Yourself and Skyrocket Your Happiness Levels —FAST! This is not fluff, it's real training! Anyone can do this — each exercise works quickly to CLEAR toxic energy blocks and disruptions that drain your life-force.
Tristan Truscott

Dr. Masley's Mediterranean Method Kitchen & Pantry Guide.

As a low-glycemic version of a Mediterranean Diet is the healthiest and easiest to follow eating plan on the planet, here our tools to make following this eating plan easy.
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Steven Masley

The Autoimmune Blueprint

Autoimmunity is a combative relationship between you and your body. When you are attacking yourself, there can be no winner. Learn about the 10 Rules for Autoimmune Disease Reversal, that most doctors do not address, think about, or talk about.
Dr. Keesha Ewers

Ancient and Modern Secrets for Lifelong Radiance Ebook

Learn from a Harvard trained mind/body researcher and a world-renowned success and lifestyle expert what science says ages our skin more than the sun; what (surprising) exercise reverses aging; a little known way to ensure sexual health at every age; how to use the breath to release anxiety in under a minute; and more.
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Debra Poneman

Recreate your life

Eliminate a belief for free
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Shelly Lefkoe

Vastu for Success and Longevity

Vastu is Yoga for Your Home and a sister science to meditation, yoga, and Ayurveda. Learn how to align your environment with the forces of nature so you thrive. Optimize sleep, work, and more through practical, easy-to-use tips to reduce the stress in your mind, body, and emotions at work and at home
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Michael Mastro

Trust Your Gut

Imagine how easy life would be if you had a faithful friend by your side around the clock telling you which missteps to avoid. Luckily, you already do - it’s your trusty Gut. And it’s ready to do so much for you … if you’re ready to listen.
Suzanne Scurlock, CST-D

Smashing Mindset. How to Reboot, Recharge and Reinvent your Life

The first 5 people to contact me at the website and mention this summit will receive a copy of the Smashing Mindset book or a free download of the Thriving Minds training workbook.
Selena Bartlett

The Transformation Personality Type Quiz

Knowing your "starting point" helps tremendously when learning to recognize your autopilot wiring. This 60-second quiz will give you insight as to what stops you from completing a successful transformation, and at the end of the quiz, along with your RESULT, you'll learn what you can do to use your type to your advantage!
Bob Doyle

Meditations on love

Meditations on love
Janet Attwood

Sleep Your Way To The Top...For Hormone Balance!

Sleep Your Way To The Top! For Hormone Balance A 3-Part video series to get you started to feeling so much better! Video 1 - What Is Insomnia And How Do You Know If You Have It? Video 2 - How Sleep Loss Affects Your Hormones Video 3 - How To Improve Your Sleep To Balance Your Hormones
Robin Nielsen

Enhancing MITOCHONDRIA for optimal Health, Wellbeing and consciousness

This is a YouTube video the enhance your MITOCHONDRIA for Optimal Health, Wellbeing and Consciousness .
Kenneth Koles

Free Emotional Eating Guidebooks

Free guidebooks: How To Stop Stress Eating 3 Steps To Kill Your Sugar Cravings and more
Dan DeFigio

BodyMap LifeCourse

50% discount on Comprehensive Course: "Reclaim Your Body, Rediscover Your Joy" Use Coupon Code: SUMMIT50
J David Forbes

Discover your Thyroid Type Training

Training on How To Discover Your Very Own Thyroid Type - The Answer to your thyroid issues
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Inna Topiler

Code Keeper

Share a link to CodeKeeper that is a gene therapy data base
Liz Parrish

Heart's Guidance Meditation

Thank you so much for connecting with me! I’d like to share with you the Heart's Guidance Meditation to help open your heart, your lungs, and your connection. Feel free to close your eyes, or enjoy the views of nature while you engage and enjoy!
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Shamini Jain

Free group biohacking session.

Free Zoom session. Bring your questions. Invite to be delivered when a date is picked. Let me hear from you re weekday, evening, weekend ideas. Mid-to-late November, early December.
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Steven Fowkes

Unlocking Your Emotional Intelligence

For the first ten people, I'll provide a 6 week training designed to open up your Emotional Intelligence at a 90% discount, and as optionally add an introductory month of coaching at a 50% discount. Best, Doug
Douglas Herr
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