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Speakers Onboarding Form

Speaker Onboarding Form

01. Your Personal Details


Even though you may not be an expert in the field of longevity per see, we’d like to invite you to apply your field of expertise to this subject as best you can. Provide some details about your name, title, and contact information. 

Note: You can save your work on each page as you give. Then copy the given link so you can return later. 

02. About your concept and message

Describe and share some details about the content and message you will be sharing at the summit. We realize that not all of you are Longevity experts per se, but apply your field of expertise to the following questions as best as possible.

03. Your Interview Details for the Summit

Let‘s prepare your speaker page presentation. 

What 5 specific questions would you like to be asked in this interview?

We can also come up with these questions during our pre-interview session.

Alternatively, In your presentation, you have the option of walking the audience through the step-by-step process you use to implement this "X tactic" into your life.

List at least 5 specific steps/questions you want to be asked.

(Please list them using the 5 fields).


Speaker Bonuses

, Please provide your speaker bonus here, including name, description, image and the link to your offer, so we can direct our audience to your free bonus.

Will you promote this event to your audience via email?

By promoting your session will raise your authority and help us get you in front of more people.

We share 50% of the sales you drive with you. We are looking for partners we can collaborate with long term. Let's chat.

Your dates for email promotion

Share your date for your first email promotion for our summit. We hope you will be able to send at least 3 emails to your subscribers. One of the emails should be on the day your talk is going live. From experience, an email the last days or even hours before the launch is very effective. And good for your affiliate commissions. 

Summit launch: November 9h 2022

Date span to send promotion emails: October 19th to November 9th, 2022. 

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