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Bob Doyle

Law of Attraction Expert, featured in the film and book, “The Secret,” and Author and CEO of Boundless Living, Inc.
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Neuroplasticity and Longevity
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Neuroplasticity and Longevity

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Bob Doyle is best known as a Law of Attraction Expert, featured in the film and book, “The Secret.” Bob is driven by his passion for creative self-expression, and has been coaching people through the process of becoming their ideal selves for over 20 years. He recently turned his attention to Neuroplasticity, the ability to change our brain, realizing that our reality and our quality of life is governed by the wiring of our brain, and how we process our everyday experience. Bob is the creator of the Evolve Your Excellence brain rewiring program, as well as a certified breathwork instructor, and combines multiple modalities into a simple process of lasting transformation.

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