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Tristan Truscott

Internationally known Qigong Wellness Warrior and author of "Qigong for Beginners Course”
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Raise Your Energy, Rock Your Life!
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Raise Your Energy. Rock Your Life!

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My name is Tristan Truscott and I am a “Qigong Wellness Warrior!” 🥋🙏

I take a stance for those who want to reclaim their Health and Vitality – but for whatever reason they can’t seem to find the right wellness regime that works for them.

I teach folks Qigong (a form of movement medicine) in a way that everyone can do it, regardless of Age, Level of health OR Fitness.

I offer a comprehensive and wholistic healing approach to Qigong, BUT not just “flowy… wave your arms around” moves 😉

As lovely as those movements are, (note: they are an essential part to the Art of Qigong), I don’t believe alone they offer you enough “physical engagement” to fully heal your body and dynamically increase your vitality.

My style of Qigong is ‘blended’ from training in the martial arts and healing arts for over 40 years.

I’ve tried a lot of things and what I have seen is that well thought-out, ‘blended’ movement sequences (that free your fascia and open your energy channels) can lead you to INCREDIBLE levels of Vitality, Mobility and Longevity.

I prefer a solid, structured method of gently and gradually mastering the Qigong movements to help you create Superior Health!

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it! (my results have proven the Power of Qigong to me) and I 100% believe that your results will prove it to you too!

You can learn about my healing journey with Qigong here: https://satorimethod.com

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